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LESS (Light Energy Saver System)

LESS - Energy Saving Lighting

Conventional Light Bulbs consumes nearly 90% of energy. In commercial buildings lights consumes upto 40% energy than it is needed. Here the role of LESS helps in reducing CO2 emissions and at the same time maintaining and improving comfort levels. LESS works dynamically with software algorithms there by just letting out required lights and when it reaches at a set level automatically switches off. Day light harvesting ensures the light output is exactly what is needed which helps in 50% saving of energy.

Benefits of LESS

Benefits of LESS - Graph
  • It can deliver total savings of over 50%.
  • It is a no compromise, high-comfort, high efficiency solution.
  • It offers a simple retro-fit installation.
  • It uses the smallest sensors on the market to ensure elegant integration.
Graph of LESS - Efficient lighting solutions