Energy Awareness Assessments - EEMPL EEMPL - The Energy Saving People
SERVICES / Awareness Program

It is specially designed to enlighten all members of your staff on how and where energy can be saved and give them the motivation to take action.

We use awareness assessments on all willing staff members. This helps us to determine what incentives they respond to and their attitude towards things like saving money, environmental impact and safety issues. Having mapped their thinking on these matters we tailor an awareness programme that triggers an irresistible positive response.

In addition each member of staff will be issued with their own personal awareness pack which, coupled with our audio visual training DVD and motivational poster displays, intensifies the quality of the results obtained.

Of course every company is different, so in conjunction with our own proven things harness the power of your people to think up new, company specific energy saving ideas , the best of which will be rewarded through our incentive program.

The synergy initiated by E-Centive galvanises your people to action and not just for saving energy. It's an inspiring experience in itself. Infact the improvement to the general attitude and atmosphere of your workforce alone is the worth investment in Energy Maps.