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Energy Saving Module (ESM)TM

The ESMTM is a modular system that can be customized to fit different requirements and systems and can control upto 8 channels with a single unit. The ESMTM is a green technology that reduces the electricity consumption of air-conditioning and refrigeration. The ESMTM is composed of two different parts responsible for two different functions:

ESM, Energy Saving Module

The Network Controller: (LNC)
It is the brain of ESMTM. The Interface Module is connected in series between the LNC and the compressors which is responsible for relaying the instructions from LNC to the compressors.
The System Interface Module: (SIM)
The system is connected in a series with the air- conditioning or refrigeration control circuit to optimize the compressor and capacity control operation.
Intellegent Interface Module: (IIM)
The IIM provides additional control options making it compatible for large chillers and refrigeration systems.


Energy Saving Solution - ECO3

This system has the ability to save energy on cooling and heating cycles of compressor. This is available in two different models; The Single or the Dual. The Single is used for single compressor in air-conditioning and heat pump systems. The Dual is used for two compressors in air-conditioning and heat pump systems. It reduces the costs of electricity usage upto 30%.

"How does the product work?"

The ECO3 TM utilizes a Load Adaptive Cycle Rate Analyser to optimize the efficiency of the compressor run cycle.

This provides reduced compressor cycle times, system energy savings and increased compressor service life.

The Smartcool TM ECO3 TM Energy Savings System

The Smartcool†TM ECO3†TM energy savings system is such an elegant, retro-fit solution to provide a lower electric bill, that it's able to optimize nearly every make and model of residential or commercial compressor driven HVAC system, all without changing existing temperature or humidity settings! †By using built in cycle rate analyzers and system safeguards, the ECO3†TM energy savings system actually improves the cycle efficiency of most manufactured HVAC compressor units in service today, and the ECO3†TM system can extend the life of the compressor system itself as it works to provide a lower electric bill & proven energy savings.