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CUES (Chilled Unit Energy Saver)

Energy Saving Refrigeration

The problem that the business faces is that the refrigeration can waste energy upto 30%. The compressor of the refrigeration unit switches on and ends by bringing down the air temperature. This process is called a 'cycle' and in some cases a cycle can occur as many as 20 times per hour. A refrigeration thermostat monitors circulating air temperature in order to decide when to switch on and off. This circulating air temperature rises more than the food temperature and, as a result, the refrigeration unit works harder to maintain stored products at the required temperature. This in turn leads to excessive electricity consumption and wear and tear on the equipment. CUES significantly reduce the frequency of the refrigeration cycles. It depends on food temperature rather than on fluctuating air temperature. By regulating the refrigeration temperature it maintains the food at the correct temperature thereby reducing the wastages.

Benefits of CUES

  • CUES can achieve savings of up to 30% resulting in a short payback.
  • It reduces wear and tear thus extending the life of the equipment.
  • Its application results in fewer breakdowns, sensor failures and reduces noise pollution.
  • It maintains food at a safer temperature resulting in less product spoilage.
  • It is a one-time retro-fit energy saver product requiring no further maintenance once installed.